Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Names of Jesus - Day 15

Emmanuel: God with us
Matthew 1:23

There are many hymns and/or Christmas carols that use the name "Emmanuel". We'll sing a few of them.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Emmanuel (His Name is Called Emmanuel)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Names of Jesus - Day 14

The Prince of Peace
Isaiah 9:6 (read but not copied)

Copy Luke 2:14

One symbol of peace is a dove. Draw a dove in your notebook.

Names of Jesus - Day 13

I'm going to go ahead and post the rest of the names for fear that I will forget and it won't get done.

The Everlasting Father
Isaiah 9:6 (read but not copied)

Talk about what makes a good father. Talk about Father Abraham.

Talk about the meaning of a wreath. It is circular, having no beginning or ending - it's eternal. Evergreens symbolize eternal life because they are green all year 'round.

Experiment for everlasting - get a piece of hard candy and suck on it. See how long it lasts in comparison to the word "everlasting".

Names of Jesus - Day 12

The Mighty God
Isaiah 9:6 (read but not copied again)

The boys wrote in their Bible journals what words or pictures they think of when they hear the word "mighty". We read Jer. 32:17-18 and I asked them what song that reminded them of (Ah, Lord God).

They each took guesses as to how many times the word "mighty" is used in the Bible. Then we used a concordance to see who was closest. We did the same with "almighty" and they wanted to do another, so we did "strength."

Names of Jesus - Day 11

Wonderful Counselor
Isaiah 9:6 (copied for the next 4 names)

Talked about what a counselor is and does. Did an experiment - I blindfolded one of the boys and had the other "counsel" him from the dining room to his room (giving verbal directions only). Then they switched. Then we talked about how easy/hard it was to give counsel and how easy/hard it was to take counsel (how easy/hard it was to trust someone else's direction.) We know that the best counsel we can receive is from God (through the Bible, prayer and other Christians.)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Names of Jesus - Day 10

Luke 2:21

Talk about Philippians 2:9-11, how powerful the name of Jesus is. Jesus is the most popular name in history, he is mocked and worshipped. But one day, every knee will bow at the name of Jesus.

Listen to the song "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus".

Names of Jesus - Day 9

Lily of the Valley
There was no specific verse copied for this one.

We read Matthew 6:28-29 and talked about how the lilies are more beautiful than Solomon - the richest man and king - when he was dressed in his royal robes, jewelry, crown, etc. The boys were to write why they think Lily of the Valley is a good name for Jesus.

We also discussed how Lily of the Valley is generally white and the significance of the color white when referring to Jesus.

Names of Jesus - Day 8

Lamb of God
John 1:29

In the story of Abraham and Isaac, a ram was provided as a substitute offering so that Isaac didn't have to die. In the same way, Jesus was provided as a substitute offering so that we can live. Jesus is the lamb that was provided as the sacrifice to take away our sins. Now we no longer have to provide a sacrifice at the temple to pay for our sins. Jesus paid it all.

The boys turned their papers upside down and traced their hands. Turn the paper right side up and use the 4 fingers as the sheep's legs and the thumb for his head. They drew curly wool, eyes, nose, mouth and ears to remind us of the lamb.

Names of Jesus - Day 7

Light of the World
John 8:12

We talked about how when you are in the darkest of all places with absolutely no light, even the faintest little light allows us to see. Our world is the darkest of dark because of the sin and even though we are only one person, we can shine so people can see. When many Christians get together and shine, there's even more light.

The boys wrote a poem about light.

Names of Jesus - Day 6

Zachariah 9:9

List what makes a good king. Some responses we came up with were - kind, powerful, leader...

Names of Jesus - Day 5

My apologies for getting behind on this. I'll try to catch us up today.


John 4:42

Respond to this statement: "If there wasn't an Easter, there wouldn't be a Christmas."
Most of us think the other way around - if Jesus hadn't been born, he wouldn't have died on the cross for our sins. But the Savior that he was was born on Christmas so that he could die for us. That's the whole purpose of his coming. If Jesus hadn't become our Savior through his death, there would be no reason to celebrate his coming (his birth.)

The boys did a good job thinking this through and writing their own responses.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Names of Jesus - Day 4

Friend - Matthew 11:19

What qualities make someone a good friend? Research has shown loneliness (and other negative emotions) can be harmful to your health. We need friends! Jesus was a friend to everyone regardless of social or economic status.

Names of Jesus - Day 3

Holy One - Mark 1:24

Even the demons knew who Jesus was! Looked up and copied the definition of "holy" in our notebooks. Talked about the Holy Land.