Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We went to Eagle Creek in Indianapolis on Friday along with dad for a homeschool jamboree. The have this every spring and fall (from what I gathered), but this is the first time we ever attended. The boys chose 4 classes they would be interested in and we took a sack lunch. There were probably around 50 kids there total with no more than 8-10 in each of the classes our boys took. I don't know if any of the other classes were larger or not. The first 3 classes, the boys took together, but separated for the last one.

#1 - Wild about Woodpeckers

We learned how to identify the different woodpeckers that live in Indiana by sound and appearance - even the sapsucker which is here only during migration.

#2 - Hunting and Gun Safety

The boys learned 2 ways to unload a gun and most importantly - always treat the gun as loaded and never use it as a toy.

During our lunch break, we took a walk down by the water.

#3 Fishing

We didn't take any pictures, but he showed them different types of poles and different types of bait.

#4 Owl Pellets - Nicolas

Nicolas chose to dissect owl pellets - very interesting.

As he took bones out, they had an identification sheet to sort the bones. Each pellet contained bones from several different animals - all rodents - but it could be a mouse, shrew, vole, etc.
She gave them clay to take home and make their own animals out of their bones. Here's Nicolas's:

#4 Reptiles and Amphibians - Alex

Alex chose to learn more about reptiles and dad went with him to that class.

BullfrogBox turtle

We all had a good time and the cost was only $10 per student. We might consider going back in the spring if they have classes that interest the boys.

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